Pure water for green hydrogen

The electrolysis process splits pure water into its elements hydrogen H2 and oxygen O2 consuming electricity. ​For optimal use of offshore wind power, we have developed scenarios to produce ​large quantities of green hydrogen cost-effectively with floating maritime offshore hydrogen factories.

Green offshore hydrogen production

Maritime hydrogen factories are equiped with all necessary system components to produce green hydrogen from wind and seawater.

offshore H2 Factory


Central monitoring, control and regulation device with industry compatible interfaces and PLC functionality.
UV/VIS spectrometer with calibratable optical sensors for simultaneous recording of a large number of water parameters.

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System Colormetry

Residual Hardness
Free Chlorine

On-line analysers of Colormetry CMU 324 series monitor the process water quality of water treatment plants fully automatically and determine the exceed of an adjustable limit value for the water parameters residual hardness and free chlorine. Devices are easy to use and maintenance-free.



modular I/O-systems with modern interfaces for all water applications


Interactive software determines the functionality of the hardware

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